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25 May 2011 @ 03:54 pm
So, I promised that I'll be back on LJ.
And, here I am.

I have been rather annoyed with a certain someone for a while and I thought this would be a pretty good place for me to rant.

You see, I am a huge fan of Glee and I have an acquaintance who happens to like it too.
And, unlike her, I do not watch my episodes via web with Chinese subtitles.
I watch mine through my hard disk without subtitles.
That's not the annoying part.

The annoying part is when she starts tweeting about EVERY SINGLE THING that goes on in Glee.
And, unlike her, I do not have the free time to watch it ASAP.
I have things going on in my life that require more attention even though Glee is a big part of my life.

So, what is so annoying about it all is that, every time I tweet about Glee (not about what goes on in the episode but rather couples), she always has to 'up' me in some way.


*censored* Oh my gosh! Finn hit Jesse and he so deserved it! Rachel should stop messing around with Jesse!

bklue18 OMGEE! Blaine is so sweet to Kurt! I love this couple!

*It is supposed to be my tweet first then her tweet at the top like 5 minutes later.

OR Another example: (Censored to give privacy)

Anywho, this is why it is so annoying. I don't want to know what is going on because I haven't watched it yet.
And, can't you put a lid on your exploding soup of spoiler-ism?! You are exactly like that fat and ugly guy in 'The Line', who sought great achievement in dishing out spoilers to fans who want to watch it without your input!
Come to think of it, I can imagine you like that guy. I just need to put you in a suit with a balding patch as hair and a cup of Slurpee and you'll pretty much look like a female version of him.

I know, I know. It's her twitter, she can tweet whatever she wants.
But here's one thing that might get you on my side.
And that is, she has this competition with me that she created in her brain.
Whatever I do, or know, she has got to beat me. It's like her weed. If she doesn't do her drugs, she ain't getting no kick.
So, same with this.
She knows I love Glee and she wants to beat me in the amount of love that she shows Glee.

Lame? Yeah. Childish? Oh yeah.
But what can I say? She was born this way.

21 May 2011 @ 12:41 am
Yes, yes..
I haven't had enough time to LJ for a long time.. But I have finally decided that it is time to start again.
As such, more posts shall happen.
Just not now.

I've gotta catch me some shut eye.
Tomorrow's the last saturday that I have to go to school. YIPEE.

25 June 2010 @ 10:44 pm
I just came back from the BEAST autograph session.
Get this, I was right in front of the stage! WHOO!
Thanks to my friends who queued for me! ILU!
And, some crazy guy wrecked my mood earlier. Pissing me off.
What kind of a parent was he to shout F words at a teenage girl?
Oh my gosh. How did you even become a parent?
I could have sued you for slander. But, seeing as you are not well brought up, I should not deprive you of your cash to raise your daughter well.
Anyways, back to my 'SO BEAST' experience,
Trizia and I were wild. Really wild. 
We were like the first up there on that garden area and it was damn hilarious.
Because, I was sitting like right in front of Doojoon who was on the poster.
So, I told Trizia that if Doojoon turned his hand the other way in a come here motion, it will look like he was seducing me. HOHO.
I literally thought he was doing that to me for one whole hour. 
Anyway, when they finally came, they came in suits! And they were all colour co-ordinated with me!
IN GREEEEN! I love them for that!
When I got up on stage, I was so high that I just bursted out saying, 'Annyong Hasaeyo!!' to Yoseob.
And he was surprised/amazed and smiled back saying 'Annyong!'.
Besides, he smiled and waved at me previously. HA!
Then I smiled and moved on to Doojoon after Yoseob signed. 
And Doojoon is LOVE. He gave me loads of attention. He kept looking at me. 3 times as I counted.
First time was when I was infront of Yoseob.
Second time when I was infront of him.
Third time when I was infront of Hyun Seung.
Trizia and I concluded that there are 3 possibilities why he did that.

1) Doojoon found me cute.
2) Doojoon realised that I am a HUGE Green freak and hence kinda co-ordinated with their colour.
3) Doojoon found me cute.

HAHA! So that is actually 2 possibilities. 
I actually wanted to ask if Jun Hyung oppa was okay but he looked so buried in his signing so, I thought forget it.
Dong Woon and Ki Kwang were like super high on using the phrase, 'Thank you!' and kept saying it. LOL!
Thus concludes the 'SO BEAST!' experience.
On my way home, Junho dearie sent me 3 messages through songs warning me not to get too involved with Doojoon.

I got it Junho dear! I love you and only you! You are still dae bak to me, ok?
03 June 2010 @ 11:47 am
Dreams do the funniest things to you.
They take something you most desire and play it out for you, like a movie.
Of course, I wouldn't complain. 
Especially when it stars my baby, Junho.

Everything was so real in my dream.
Junho and me were studying in the same school and we both liked each other.
So, we decided to date.
Our first date happened after our first exam and we went to a nearby mall.
I could see in my dream that we were very in love. [AWW!]
And, apparently, Junho is a mommy's boy in my dream and because he was talking to him mum on the phone, I took out my lousy cellphone to play. It made too much noise and Junho got irritated.
Because of that, I apologised but we ended up in a huge argument about me not being sincere about apologising and I stomped off.
So, I called Trizia, my bestie to complain. (This part was actually quite funny because she was like some big boss where she had to have two people pass her her phone.)
Eventually, Trizia told me to come back to school and I can talk about it there; since our next paper was an hour away.
Walking to the nearest MRT station, I came across a whiteboard where people could scribble messages for free. [I know. Weird.]
So, I did.
And I scribbled something about my relationship not working out and I am just going to concentrate on studying.
As I was nearing the MRT station, I heard someone call my name from behind me and when I turned around, Junho wrapped me in his arms for a hug. [AWW! :)] 
As he was hugging me, he started saying things like he was so stupid, he shouldn't have done that, he's so sorry. I obviously hugged him back and forgave him.
And, it turns out that after I stomped off, he was shadowing me all the way. 
Before I woke up, the last thing of my dream that I remembered was Junho asking me to meet his parents. LOL!

So, there you have it.
Dreams do the most funniest things to you by playing out your ideal fantasies.
Everything that I described in my dreams are really churned out by my brain when I am asleep.
I don't have the life to fabricate this sort of dream.
Maybe I love Junho too much...
But, its okay when you have a brain like mine.
[Saranghae Junho!]

Jasmine, over and out.
25 April 2010 @ 02:10 am

I am pretty pissed over this article that had stupid comments by random people that I feel like bitch slapping and just had to rant about it.

The recent news I read is that Hyori unni's song, 'Bring It Back' was a plagarized version of another western girl band's song.
I heard both versions and yeah, they are similar in a whole lotta ways.
But, still, don't go dissing Hyori unni like it is her fault.
I am sure she had no freaking idea that the song was plagarized and people shouldn't be blaming her for singing it.
She didn't say she wrote it.
She didn't say she composed it.
People shouldn't go around labeling her as a plagarizer when she wasn't the one who committed the act.
And to the person from the group called Cookie Couture..
Girl, Hyori unni isn't the one who plagarized your song.
She is just an unfortunate artist who had people copy songs for her album that she has worked very hard for.
It isn't her fault that she sang your song. Gosh.

^ That was the first thing I felt angry about.

Now, the one that really ticked me off the most was some people are really just so free that they HAD TO try to find a way to bring down all those artists who have worked their butt off for their comeback.
And one such artist or rather group is none other than 2PM.
Okay, seriously, someone has to knock some sense into people.
I am not bias or anything but I have heard the supposed song that was plagarized and all I can say are that the background melody sounds a litte bit alike but the rest is not similar at all.
Seriously, does 2PM sound like that song to you? Gosh.
I bet you are just a 2PM hater and you are just too afraid to say you are.
Without U is a song that is totally different from that japanese song that you so claimed have been plagarized.
2PM worked hard for this comeback and it is being well received, so,

I understand how people can get pissed over plagarism but sometimes, the artists are not the ones to be blamed.
They are just being given the songs to sing and have no idea about what goes on with the composing.
I think its not fair for people to just dig up any song they can find and pin point similarities in the songs.
Its not fair to the artists who worked their asses off, and it is sure as hell not fair to the fans who have waited for their hit song.
Unless it is a song that has HUGE SIMILARITES LIKE SOUNDING EXACTLY THE SAME, then I would understand that it isn't fair to the people who created the song originally.
But, still, I believe that the problem doesn't lie with the artists who record the song but the people who gave them the song.
So, stop blaming Hyori unni for singing that song. [AND DON'T DRAG BEKAH OR JIYOON INTO THIS!]
The 3 of them obviously had no idea that this song was someone else's so stop dissing them, especially Hyori unni.

Hyori unni, hwaiting!


01 April 2010 @ 12:12 pm
It is so cool how your brain works when you are sleeping.
It is able to churn out images that seems so real like it really happened but it was actually just a dream.
And, Mine was spectacular.

It begun with me being back with my beloved 502 in school.
However, everyone looks like how they looked now.
I was seated next to Roycelyn and Trizia. [SORRY FQ! I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOU WERE!]
Our teacher was the weirdest kind and she took orders of what the class wanted to eat before heading off to the canteen to get it.
But, the plus point of my dream was... 2PM was in our class. Not to mention, Junho was my friend. *cue squeals*
So, in my dream, Junho was a bit of a goodie two shoes, and he sort of ratted on someone.
When Nickhun brought him out of the class, I knew nothing good was going to happen so I followed.
The other members of 2PM were apparently exhausting him out so badly through dancing that he eventually walked out angrily.
(I have no idea why that happened either but my brain programmed Nickhun in a bad way. LOL. Sorry Khun!)
Henceforth, I followed. And I kinda talked to him at a secluded corner of the school.
After talking for a while, I admitted that I followed him out and stayed by the dance studio to keep an eye on him.
Eventually, he held my hand and we walked back to class.
Signifying a beautiful beginning of a relationship in my dream. :)

I woke up with the last memory of Junho holding my hand, lacing his fingers with mine.
Whatever happened in my dream, really did happen in my dream!
I am not the kind who finds joy in spinning tales that don't happen.
So, anyway, my brain probably wanted to let me have the feeling of being with Junho and churned out this splendid dream of mine.

And, for that, I love my brain.
22 March 2010 @ 01:01 am
Finally back from my KL trip!
Oh my SUJU Boys...Collapse )
17 March 2010 @ 02:42 pm
I was bored and decided to play this MASH game. 
And boy was I excited when I got the results.
I did it just on one try. ONE TRY.

Just one try and I got Lee Junho as my future husband!
The second in running was Doojoonie but he lost to Junho.

This MASH game totally made my day man!
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25 February 2010 @ 10:33 pm
I was in a superb mood today.
I was super psyched about watching John Park perform today but apparently, I lost that mood.
You see, I went to check out my korean news and what news did I have glaring back at me?

'Jae Beom is not returning to 2PM.'

Totally ruined my mood immediately.
I have tears in my eyes as I write this post.
My tears are a mix of disappointment, frustration and sympathy.

I am disappointed that JYPE has to drop this bomb on us at this time when everyone least expects it.
I am disappointed that Jae Beom may have done something else to hinder his return.
I am disappointed that nobody is sparing any thought for the other 2PM boys.

I am frustrated that all this time, if JYPE knew that it was impossible for Jae Beom to return, they should have just told us.
I am frustrated that I have to see netizens reacting badly to this again.
I am frustrated that the boys will have to go through hell again.

I am sympathetic for the 2PM boys who must have carried as much hope as anyone else.
I am sympathetic for the fans who had hoped that 2PM will be united as its original 7 again.

Most of all, I am upset that Junho will have to go through the loss of someone from the team.
Junho's most proudest moment was when everyone was together.
He was upset when Jae Beom left.
And now that this has happened, my heart goes out to Junho and he rest of the 2PM boys.

To Jae Beom:
I don't know what happened that made JYPE come to this sort of decision.
And, to be honest, I don't need to know because it is none of my business.
But, I want you to know that as news of this travels, people might hate you for doing what you did.
Some might even think that you did it because you don't want to return to 2PM.
I would hope that you wouldn't bother about their comments and live your life to the fullest.
Somehow or another, I do know that you will miss 2PM as much as they will miss you.
Jae Beom, you will always be a part of 2PM and I will never forget you.
I wish you the best of luck and if ever, you return to 2PM...
I would smile and welcome you back.

As for the boys of 2PM, chin up and be strong!
There are people who will always be behind you no matter what happens.
I know this is something that will affect you guys but you have to be strong and do what you guys do best.
I know that Jae Beom would want to see you guys take Korea by storm so, don't give up and continue to be the 2PM we all love.

Jae Beom, Good luck in all your endeavors and rock on with your b-boying!

2PM, saranghaeyo!
2PM, hwaiting!

P.S: Junho ah, cheer up! I don't want to see you upset because it pains me to see you that way.
Smile! Because that's what you do best and it always brightens my day.     :)
18 February 2010 @ 12:26 am

Now, all I want for my birthday is John Park to make it into the Top 24 of A.I. 
And, Seung Ri and Junho wrapped up all for me. ;)